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Add character and serenity with pond landscaping

Landscape and wildlife ponds can bring peace and beauty to your landscape, creating a backyard paradise you'll want to relax in. You will get the best designed ponds in the area from Sterman Services.


Ponds are our specialty. Whether you want a small backyard water feature or a larger pond to attract wildlife, you'll get just what you need.

Get closer to nature with a wildlife pond

If you're an animal lover or a bird watcher, a wildlife pond will enhance your life. Draw nature closer to you with an expertly designed wildlife pond created to attract visitors from the natural world.

Beautify your outdoor area with a landscape pond

If you want to add water to your landscape to make it more aesthetically pleasing, consider a landscape pond. You will meet with an experienced pond designer to make your dream pond a reality.

Looking for a pond that suits your outdoor area and perfectly complements your home? You can count on us -- ponds are our speciality.  


Call us today to discuss your landscape and wildlife pond options.


Discover other landscaping services

A pond is a great way to improve your outdoor area. But other features like retaining walls, decorative stones, new trees, and more can really add to your landscape. Call us to find out about other landscaping options today.

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Get the perfect pond for your outdoor area from Sterman Services.